Haiku is a short poem, often written in the classical three-line form of 5-7-5 syllables, that attempts to convey one’s perception of a moment and how the essence of that moment connects nature to human nature.

The following haiku are here for you to enjoy. Please feel free to share your poetic observations.

Freshly fallen snow
Silence and confinement
Courtesy of nature

Fearing the darkness
and the stillness, arises from
what is within us

Time flies, time stands still
In the present moment
Everything just is

Seeing the world as it is
Feeling the wind within you
Just being

Listening without judging
Teaching without instruction
A true friend

Success in all things
Comfort and safety secured
Salvation is lost

An ordinary house
Moved by her extraordinary hand
Exudes warmth

Oneness underlies
pervading all things that are

Foolish delusions

No likes, no dislikes
Beginner’s mind, open mind
The path to being

Hope diminishes
Despair completely embraced
Progress is likely

Too futile the charade
Abandon your very self
Embrace emptiness

Confidence waning
Arrogance diminishing
Darkness is fading

Wise for posterity
Those who state the obvious
For the first time

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